emmi®-dent frequently
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Ultrasound are sound-waves – with a frequency so high that humans cannot hear it. Ultrasound frequencies range from above 20,000 Hz up to several Million Hz. Ultrasound has been used for many years various cleaning, therapeutic and medical applications. Most of us are familiar with ultrasound imaging or ultrasound used at the dentist’s office for dental cleaning.
The Ultrasound waves used by Emmi-dent are special because they use a very high frequency of up to 1.6 Million Hz but at very low power levels of only 0.2 Watts (LIPUS) – well below the FDA approved maximum. Emmi-dent Ultrasound waves are generated by its patented ultrasonic microchip embedded inside the toothbrush head. This piezo-chip creates up to 96 million ultrasound vibrations (air oscillations) per minute. Specially designed bristles transmit the ultrasound waves to the ultrasound toothpaste creating millions of Nano-bubbles. These Nano-bubbles implode (Cavitation effect) and gently remove harmful bacterial plaque from teeth and gums.
All traditional methods of dental cleaning have the risk of hurting teeth or gums. Manual, electric, or sonic-electric brushes use mechanical friction (scrubbing/brushing with bristles) and toothpastes with abrasive substances to clean. Studies have shown, that these traditional cleaning methods can cause damage - such as inflamed or receding gums. Dental abrasion is also a health issue as well documented in research. This can lead to more serious oral health problems (cavities and periodontitis) as well as an unpleasant and an even painful cleaning experience. Cleaning with Emmi-dent is more gentle because it works without mechanical brushing or scrubbing. Simply hold the Ultrasound bristle-head next to your teeth and gums and let the ultrasound waves and gentle nano-bubbles do the cleaning job for you. Because there is no brushing and no abrasive toothpaste Emmi-dent Ultrasound cleans more gently.
Emmi-dent Ultrasound provides superior deep cleaning because ultrasound waves and Nano-bubbles clean where no toothbrush can reach. Emmi-dent's Ultrasound waves penetrate the gums and its Nano-bubbles are much smaller than toothbrush bristles and up to 1000x smaller than dangerous bacteria. That is why Emmi-dent’s Ultrasound can reach bacteria even inside the smallest crevices. Cleaning with Nano-bubbles removes plaque, tartar build up and impurities, even in places that cannot be reached by bristles.
Bacteria are the leading cause for gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis) which if not treated correctly can cause painful inflammation, sensitive teeth and gums, and open the human body to bacteria through the gums. Therefore, it is very important to clean away bacteria not only on the tooth and gum surfaces but especially in crevices and gum pocket where harmful bacteria hide. Ordinary toothbrush bristles cannot reach there – but Emmi-dent’s Ultrasound waves and nano-bubbles deep clean inside the tiniest crevices removing harmful bacteria and protecting teeth and gums from damage
Ultrasound cleans more gentle and abrasion free. No more brushing that can hurt teeth and gums! Instead, millions of nano-sized bubbles gently remove harmful bacterial plaque.
Traditional dental cleaning methods can hurt teeth and gums. Wrong brushing techniques (too high pressure on teeth and gums), toothpastes with abrasive cleaning particles and brushing with bristles can lead to abrasion. These effects are well documented in clinical literature. Emmi-dent Ultrasound does not require brushing and the toothpaste does not contain abrasive particles. All you need to do is hold the bristle-head next to teeth and gums and the nano-bubbles will do the cleaning. Cleaning with Ultrasound is a more gentle way to remove harmful bacteria.
Ultrasound is very high frequency sound-waves that create millions of nano-size bubbles. These bubbles implode and gently remove harmful bacterial plaque from teeth and gums.
Yes - Ultrasound waves clean thorough nano-sized cleaning bubbles that are much smaller than toothbrush bristles and even 1000 times tinier than bacteria. Therefore, they can clean even the tiniest crevices and inside gum pockets where harmful bacteria can hide.
Emmi-dent Ultrasound meets the FDA standards and is completely safe. Ultrasound technology has been used for many years (e.g. ultrasound imaging in prenatal care). Power levels up to 50 Watts are considered safe and Emmi-dent Ultrasound uses only 0.2 Watts.
No - these are two completely different cleaning technologies. Sonic Oral care uses mechanical brushing to remove plaque via friction (scrubbing with bristles and an abrasive toothpaste). This carries the risk of hurting teeth and gums. Ultrasound waves are inaudible, high frequency sound waves. Combined with nano-size cleaning bubbles, it gently removes bacterial plaque.
Emmi-dent recommends that you use its specially formulated Ultrasound toothpaste. Emmi-dent's toothpaste does not contain abrasive cleaning particles and are formulated to create more Nano-bubbles that most effectively work with Ultrasound waves.
Emmi-dent provides a 12 months limited product warranty. We will repair or replace your toothbrush if you send it back our office address.
Several clinical tests have proven Emmi-dent Ultrasound effectiveness to thoroughly remove bacterial plaque without any damage to teeth and gums (non-abrasive cleaning).
Emmi-dent uses the same ultrasound technology but at much lower power levels that are suitable for daily usage. A dentist's ultrasound has a high power setting to instantly remove hard calculus and should be used by trained professionals only. Emmi-dent's Ultrasound operates at a much lower power, using only 0.2 Watts, enough to thoroughly remove harmful bacterial plaque while being safe for extended usage.
Yes you can. Ultrasound waves clean touchless - without brushing and without any pressure to teeth and gums and are therefore especially suitable for braces, fillings, crowns and veneers. Ultrasound waves and the nano-cleaning bubbles are in fact so small that they can reach inside the tiniest crevices, - where bacteria hide – but no toothbrush bristle can reach.